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Can you explain ACSA, your socio-cultural association?

The Asociacion Cultural Sol de Almijara (ACSA), organization has been formed to promote multicultural understanding and collaboration through educational, cultural, social, artistic and other creative activities.

The list of the founding members reflects the multi-cultural flavour of Asociacion Cultural Sol de Almijara (ACSA) and include:

  • Dr Dorothy Price, president, best known locally for founding the Nerja History Group and broadcasting as 'Dr Dot'.
  • Norbert Barnich, secretary, a Belgian who brings advanced film making and radio technical experience to the table.
  • Dr. Benjamin Dwyer, one of Ireland's leading contemporary musicians and composers.
  • Spaniard Jose Manuel Cabezas Cabello, head of the English Department at the local high school, IES Almijara.
  • Englishman Mark Shurey, flamenco guitarist, musician and osteopath.

A new community station, Radio Sol de Almijara, RSA, lies at the heart of the association. But unlike commercial stations, RSA has no owners and is a non-profit making venture, dedicating its resources to projects and promotions.

A number of projects are on the drawing board, but all energies are directed mainly at establishing and promoting the radio station.