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How does the Cine Club at the Cultural Centre operate?

The films for the Cine-Club are in original versions with subtitles. Besides a majority of titles in English, they project films in other languages too, like Spanish, German, French, Swedish to cater for a multi-cultural community in and around Nerja.

ACSA collaborate with the contents, whereas ANAC (Associacion Nerjeña de Acción Cultural) and the Nerja Cultural Centre run and control the Cine Club for the dates, the venue, the equipment and the staff and since the beginning, they operate the Cine Club under a blanket license for each season that allows the screening of legally rented or purchased original DVDs.

The official paper brochure for the Cultural Centre events is the free monthly "Guia-Guide-Nerja", available at the Cultural Centre and at the Tourist Office in Nerja and produced and published by ANAC itself and sometimes their events dates are changed after publication.

The official Web site of the Nerja Cultural Centre does not include the schedule for the Cine Club. The pages published in this RSA Web site are a voluntary (i.e. not paid) initiative. They are based on the pre-press files and any changes as soon as they reach us.