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I demand the programmes that I like and I want them now. What next?

In UK, the public pays a license fee for the BBC. Similarly in other countries, some taxes go into a national radio-TV service, considered as public service. The public is justified in feeling that they pay for the radio/TV service and that they can have their say in its operation.

As a socio-cultural entity, RSA operates with collaborators who offer their time and services and the radio has very limited resources and cannot produce programmes on-demand.

However, RSA still provides a free service, without the audience contributing anything to its running. Although their opinions are always welcome, individuals cannot expect to dictate or impose their own tastes to the rest of the community.

You will appreciate that as the only cultural radio in the English language station in Nerja, we have a duty to satisfy a broad range of majority and minority tastes, and across all ages, on only one wavelength.