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Can we get RSA on the Internet or on podcasts?

RSA does not broadcast via the Internet at the moment:

  • copyright and contractual issues across countries prevent such a service;
  • resources in equipment and manpower are costly and not worth the investment;
  • RSA's mission is to cover the local community for an audience who listen to radio sets, not on computers with unreliable internet connections;
  • many people in the local area do not have access to broadband connections;
  • potential listeners on line would have little or no interest in programmes made for a local audience;

At the moment, our efforts and resources are directed to more useful operations.

There are a few recordings available on line at the links below:

Nick Butcher: http://odeo.com/channel/136418/view/
Angel Ramirez in English: http://odeo.com/channel/136700/view
                       in Spanish: http://odeo.com/channel/136711/view