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How do you see the impact of sponsors' messages?

Research in sociology has produced general studies about the percentage of the audience who actually pay attention to a audible or visual messages.

The study showed the difference between hearing a message amongst a constant flow of music drowned in a noisy environment -like a pub or a shop- and listening to the same message within an interesting programme in a quiet environment.

The first case has a low efficiency, made worse if the music is constant like a juke-box or a muzak ambiance.

This is why sponsors' messages should be different, humorous, etc. to attract attention and stand out.

Of course, there is no reason why an independent radio should be expected to provide a free "muzak or juke-box" service to bars, restaurants and shops. Having said that, RSA will be delighted to bring its different programmes to all in the area, for the benefit of the customers who we hope are part of our discerning audience.