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What about your presenters?

Some familiar names are on board and are delighted with the sympathy received from an audience impatient to tune to a station with a difference.

Our presenters have a sense of social responsibility and a good cultural background, and bring their own style and originality to the radio; experience in audio-visual media is a bonus.

RSA presenters are a team of dedicated enthusiasts who have in common :

  • a marked preference for live shows of their own production;
  • various backgrounds from different horizons and cultures;
  • different experiences, past and present, in their professional life and with radio;
  • range of styles and personalities that they are encourage to develop within the mission of the radio;
  • a very eclectic choice of music that they select themselves to reflect their own tastes and preferences.

We prefer to work with people with a good cultural baggage rather than ex-DJs who would not share our views.
RSA, is always looking for new voices committed to the association's aims.