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Are you interested in new presenters; what is their ideal profile?

RSA is always looking for new voices committed to the association's aims.

RSA was created by a group of people who wanted to produce their own shows themselves and to share their own collection of personal music with a wide audience.
Newcomers to the radio would be required to do the same .

  • presenters-to-be would have to understand and accept the mission and style of the radio, which is not a commercial operation;
  • they would be expected to integrate in the group and accept their philosophy;
  • with the approval of the Programme Director, presenters must be able to function
    as a one-man-band, independently and be autonomous;
  • they bring their own music, make their own research, write their own scripts, their continuity and their programme structure;
  • they find their own guests and look after them;
  • they operate all equipment whilst on air; they are their own technician;
  • they have to take responsibility for their programme from A to Z.

Anybody prepared to work within this very simple and down-to-earth principles and has a talent for communication would be welcome at RSA.

Contact: tel 95 252 20 44 and email: info@rsafm.org.