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Past guests in various programmes included:

Derek Harvey, then editor of Nerja Essential, talks about local news as the more wacky and bizarre snippets from the Nerja Essentialmagazine. Derek is now editor of  "Soltalk" local magazine. -( Facebook page here )

Michele Claiborne, a qualified medical herbalist, nutritionalist,masseur and life counsellor.
She is also founder and President of Healing Arts International and 'Your True Prosperity'.
She has a very healing singing voice and has produced a number of CDs.

Rosemary Burnet covered many issues on health as she is a qualified Iridologist, Reiki Master and Teacher, and qualified nutritional therapist. Her early background was as a qualified microbiologist.

Karen the midwife talked about midwifery in general and home births in particular, with plenty of advice for mothers-to-be and young mothers

Rev. Jude Wills Hunt co-founder of the One World Peace mission: healing through peace, and peace through healing.

Rev. Brian Berkeley-White, from Competa, on matters esoteric and spiritual.

Susie , from Frigiliana does guided tours around Frigiliana, tours with a difference, where people also get to meet real Spanish people.

Lorraine Cavanagh, locally well known for her greenfingers, her garden centre and her books on Mediterranean garden plants.

Dr. Thomas Henfrey, researcher and environmentalist. Studied Biology Oxford, Anthropology Canterbury, worked in Africa and South America and currently lives communally in Southern Spain. Involved in many areas to do with education, music and the environment.

Neil Richardson, the renowned composer, he of the BBC Mastermind theme, and music for Four Weddings and Funeral.

Carola von Garnier, the founder of the Instituto Avance in Berlin and now based near Viñuela.

Liz Berkeley-White, a local therapist and Reiki healer.


Guest Lists below : List 1 is oldest:
List 5   |   List 4   |   List 3   |   List 2   |   List 1