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Every week throughout most of 2005, journalist and bookseller Rob Stokes presented news,
reviews and interviews from the world of books, publishing and authors and the best of
world music, with the focus firmly on song, in his programme "Words and Music"
and then as a guest in Paula's "So long Oolong" show; whilst taking a broad view of
developments in English language publishing, but also creating a platform to encourage
local writers and songwriters.

Chris Stewart

Some highlights of the season included interviews with Chris Stewart,
the Alpujarra based author of the bestselling "Driving Over Lemons",
and "A Parrot in a Pepper Tree" (more)

Chris Stewart has been hard at work on a third book, which should be published
in the summer of 2006. He's been telling Rob Stokes about a few surprises in store,
and about the working title," The Almond Blossom Appreciation Society".


Joan Lingard
Also part of the guest list, was Joan Lingard, the Scottish writer who spends
her winters in Nerja and whose August 2005 novel is set partly in the town.

Drew Launey

The programme also featured the work of some of the best writers of recent years,
including the return to radio of Drew Launay's Siesta Days - Fiesta Nights.


Don Quijote "Words and Music" broadcast by permission of the record company, a nine-week serialisation
in English of an audio version of Miguel De Cervantes' Don Quixote to mark the
400th anniversary of the book's publication .

Hannah Davis

Hannah Davis, the Axarquia based teacher of creative writing, who runs successfulcourses along
the Costa provided regular on-air pep talks for aspiring authors in the area.

Said Hannah: "I am attracted to all mediums of self-expression so when the opportunity to appear
on RSA materialised
, I jumped at the chance to give a verbal voice to the written word.
It is my hope and intention that the mysterious world of writing can be manifested into reality for
listeners who harbour dreams of one day being a writer.


Guest Lists below : List 1 is oldest:
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