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 The Spanish painter Paco Broca , whose works shown in this exhibition are the result of Paco Boca's fruitful visit to Morocco. (ex Galeria de Arte Felicia Hall in La Herradura)

Interview with Angel Ramirez, the general manager of the Fundacion de Cueva de Nerja about his vision for the present and the future of the Nerja Caves as a venue for music and a European heritage.

Interview at Le Cirque Du Soleil, with Guy Caron, from Quebec, and Dralion´s creator, director and principal artistic force. Le Cirque Du Soleil is in Malaga this summer.

The painter Steve Godfrey who paints landscapes, not the way you see them as you drive along in your car, not even if you walk around, but with his very personal vibrant approach.

The Spanish painter José Bautista, who paints sometimes "en plein air", live outside, sometimes influenced by the French impresionists

The Novosibirsk State Philharmonic Society, a group dedidacted to sacred music of the west european Middle Ages, Renaissance, Baroque, and ancient Russian singings, with chants of the Peter the Great epoch and russian songs of XVIIIc.

The pianist Daniel Fichera, an award winning muisician, has been a guest at RSA on several occasions. He can be reached at ""

A former soldier, Nick Cross has been resident on this coast for eighteen years.
An almost consuming interest in Myth was fostered in him after reading Homer at school.

Jose Manuel Cabezas, is a regular guest at RSA 99.1 fm where he can give his insight on the history of Spain, including the time of Franco. He also covered the life and work of Frederico Garcia Lorca. He gives special lectures at the Nerja Nadfas organisation.
Bjorn Engstrom " In the footsteps of Laurie Lee" published an article in Insight News, June 15th 05 and "The phantom of Guernica" on 26 April 05. Bjorn is also a free lance photographer.

Mark Shurey thinks that Gerardo Nuñez is the best, even though purists object to his blend of jazz and flamenco.

 Manfred Hojer, award winning European fencing champion´.
Michael and Judy Lammas, fencing instructors in Nerja
Frederico García Lorca, presented by Jose Manuel Cabezas, Bjorn Engstrom, etc.

 In the "Entre Culturas" show, John Margetson and Maria Jesus presented: Joaquin Sorolla

Guest Lists below : List 1 is oldest:
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