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PECIAL - 27th May 2007 in Nerja
    RSA's action | Interview with Jose Alberto Armijjo, P.P |  Interview with Angel Ramirez, PSOE

Liane Carroll, on her way to the sound check, dropped by for a friendly interview with Paula.
Thursday 19 April 2007 at 9 pm at the Centro Cultural de Nerja.

Denise Nolan came to present her show, The Magic of Judy Garland, before the rehearsal.
Wednesday April 11th at 9 pm and Thursday April 12th at 9 pm in the Cultural Centre in Nerja.

Margaret Riordan (Bristol, England), has won several prizes for her work, and presents a selection of her latest paintings in Torrox, in her first major exhibition in Spain. Tourist Information Office, Torrox Costa.

 Grazyna Kulesza is an architect byprofession but has branched off into art.
Her type of work includes the large historic murals found in the Almunecar Cultural Centre and religious
art for the Almunecar church. An exhibit of her work takes place until the 20 April at the Real Club Nautico Motril. It is architectural in concept.

Photos of Pedro Megías González, the Swedish consul in Malaga, Anders Rönquist the Swedish Ambassador and Ragner Sandsten President of the Hispania Nordica Society.

 Tim Gardam is a British journalist who worked at the BBC and at Channel 4.He is currently Principal of St. Anne's College, Oxford.

 Tropical Tones, a Barbershop Choral Group from Nerja and around. They were at the Resident's Day,
at Parque Verano Azul, Sunday 18th March 2007.

 Chantal Van Dam for the 1st Gastronomic Festival, together with the 2nd Wine Festival in Nerja,
March 21 and 22, 2007, Parque Verano Azul.

 Spokespersons/organisers from Frigiliana for the:
"1 Festival Internacional dela Danza Oriental en la Costa del Sol, in Frigiliana, 16, 17, 18 March 2007."
The Frigliana web page will give more information here on the Festival de Danza Oriental.
For all details, visit the site of Victoria Ivanova.

 Triana, a young student from Nerja, has composed a poem for peace, as part of a competition organised by the Nerja Lions Club.

 Luz Saksioni was interviewed as spokesperson for Artes Libres . "The group is about showing whatever we create, who is making it, the pieces of work realized and the projects we have in fields like literature, photography, short movies, videocreation, painting, sculpture, pottery, comic, music, dance, theatre.".
You can see Luz's artwork here, and click on "Pintura" and choose her name.
Artes Libres organize an exhibition of their collective works in March at the Sala Mercado in Nerja.

 David Broadhead exhibits his paintings at the Galeria Felicia Hall in La Herradura, from beginning of March until 8th April, 2007.

 Local artist, Ann Westley ,a sculptor and printmaker, whose page can be seen here with her book " A Leaf Blown Free"

 Margaret Harris, who exhibited at Galeria Krabbe:   her portrait  |  her work

 Alan Barnes and Art Themen, two famous British jazz musician, on their way to a jazz session at the Centro Cultural.

Ian Kennedy - exhibition of his paintings until end of March 2007.

Christopher Bradley, The Nadfas lecturer, about The legend of the Three Wise Men.

 Brian Binley and Sir Jeremy Hanley: Conservatives Abroad in Nerja.

Peter Weber: Präsentation einiger Neu-Kompositionen live am Piano bei „Radio Torrox“ (Spanien) und 2-stündiges Gesprächsportrait mit Musikbeispielen aus den o. g. CD`s bei „Radio Sol de Almijara“ in Nerja (Spanien) im Januar 2007


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