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RSA likes to invite guests, some of them become regular contributors.
Several regular guests also write articles in the local magazines
or have their own publications and their own web sites.



button Jordi Savall - Viola de gamba 7 strings - Auditorium Picasso Museum Malaga - Performing " Journey to 17th Century England". (BARAK NORMAN, London, 1697) - Interview by Dr P. Anthony fro RSA FM.

button Roberta Gambarani conducted a jazz singer's workshop at Alahurìn de la Torre from 24th to 27th February 2011 and managed to give a concert on the last day. Allthis after her performance on the stage in Nerja, on the 24th february 2011,
Interview of Roberta Gambarini during her jazz workshop at Alahurin de la Torre, 2011.
Interview by Dr P. Anthony fro RSA FM.

Ivor Bolton, conductor,  interviewed at the Royal Opera House in London in March 2010. Interview by Dr P. Anthony fro RSA FM.
Ramon Vargas, the tenor interviewed at the Royal Opera House in London. Interview by Dr P. Anthony fro RSA FM.
Anna Bonitatibus, the italian- born mezzosoprano was performing the role of Cherubino in Le Nozze di Figaro, by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, based on the stage comedy written by Pierre de Beaumarchais. Interview by Dr P. Anthony fro RSA FM. in mid-June 2008
Gillian Keith is a Canadian Soprano in the role of Zerbinetta in Ariadne Auf Naxos, the opera composed in 1912 by Richard Strauss.
She has recorded Handel's Gloria with John Eliot Gardiner as conductor.
Interview by Dr P. Anthony fro RSA FM.
Markus Werba is a wonderful Austrian baritone singing the role of Harlequin in Ariadne Auf Naxos, the opera composed in 1912 by Richard Strauss. Interview by Dr P. Anthony fro RSA FM.
Gerado Nuñez is a guitar player almost without comparison. With his mild mannered and completely unassuming figure, Gerardo is musically innovative and technically perfect. Gerado Nuñez is interviewed by Mark Shurey in Spanish.
button Chantel McGregor, blues female vocalist and interviewd by Paul Lockey on his Tuesday show 21st August 2012
button Saskia Cushh, singer, fashion designer and more, appearing in various venues in Nerja ( more )
button Gary Porter singer/songwriter who is in Nerja before the next stage of his promotional tour for his new album. Porter is interviewed by John Holmes 6th April at 5pm before appearing on Jamie Cullum's Radio 2 show and with his band appear live on Jools Holland on TV.

button Kevin and Alix Robinson from the Avalon restaurant in Nerja, interviewed by Alf - Food and Lifestyle Show

button Mike Bond interview: Cinderella 19-20th May 2010 by the Cómpeta Amateur Pantomime Group (photos)
Veterinarian Jens Klausen will be a guest each month, returning to the Nerja area.
 Guests at the Life with Lola Show
Juan L. Sanchez, a modern troubadour, talks about his music without frontiers.

David Greilsammer, the pianist, interviewed by Molly Johnston at the Picasso Museum in Malaga

Victoria Ivanova about her Oriental Dance Festival
Sebastian Hamann, Director of the Munich Chamber Orchestra - Festival Cueva de Nerja 2008
David Baird presents his new book, "Between Two Fires"
Paco Lagares y Mar Garrido, one is a painter and the other a photographer, at the Galeria de Arte Felicia Hall, La Herradura, in June 2008.

Tracy James, interviewed by Dagmar, talked about how her training and experience has enabled her to help hundreds of horses and people to develop and accelerate their own level of horsemanship based on trust, understanding and communication.Clinics are held at the Natural Horse Centre here in Spain (and in England and France.)

 Denise Nolan came back to RSA radio in Nerja, one year after her successful shows, The Magic of Judy Garland, April 11th and12th in the Cultural Centre in Nerja.
But this time, she was not a guest like last year, but she presented her own one-off radio show, with the assistance of Mike Bond who had interviewd her in April 2007.

Miriam Méndez interviewed by Salvador, about her CD, Bach Por Flamenco, her work as composer and pianost, and her recital tours.
Luis Domínguez Calderón, PDG Lions Club, interviewed by Gerry Cahill
The Gee-MacKey Duo on their way to the Centro Cultural de Nerja.

Anne Nolan interviewed by Mike Bond before her show in Nerja in Nov. 07

Paul Shane, interviewed by Mike Bond in his "Short Siesta Show" (26th Sept 2007)
José Luis de Blas Correa was born in 1970. He studied English Language and Literature
in the University of Sevilla, and lived in England and Sweden for some time.

Guest Lists below : List 1 is oldest:
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