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The interest of the output of RSA lies with the range and quality of the guests invited to bring their expertise.

The quality of our radio programmes is not based only on the name of the presenters. In fact, RSA, as a community radio, does not encourage the cult of personality to avoid over exposure of egos.

Being free from the restraints of traditional commercial radio, RSA can invite guests from within the community, that would not be heard without paying for advertising.

RSA is regularly approached by individuals and organizations to participate and bring to the awareness of the public issues that are not ordinarily heard on commercial radio.

RSA actively supports and promote local artists, musicians and writers, giving them special attention to discuss, perform and present their work and productions.

RSA tries to have as many live guests as possible with a large selection of contributors who will cover a wide range of topics: Spanish history and culture, arts, music, literature, medecine, animals, health, well being, topical information and news and views



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