Press  Feedback - Denise Nolan

Email from Denise Nolan and Tom Anderson, her manager.

Hi Paula,
A short note of thanks to you and everyone involved in the two concerts
at Nerja. It was a little nervy at times but at the end of the day, we got
away with it, hence the thanks to you and your team.
It will be interesting to se how any of the Press reflect on the show
too !! You can't always please those guys, but I think the majority of the
paying public that came enjoyed their evening, which is more important !

Anyway Paula, Denise and I thank you and wish you well on any future
projects you may have going.
Take care & God Bless, Kind regards

Denise & Tom

From Denise Nolan's web site

21st April 2007

If Denise Nolan had any nerves before she went to Spain then they would very quickly evaporate when she stepped on stage at the Town Hall, Nerja, Spain last Wednesday and Thursday.

The shows were heavily booked and locals as well as ex pats turned out to see Denise with her Judy Garland show. Local radio station RSA had sponsored the event and had given the show plenty of publicity. Afterwards, an on line newspaper said that Denise was "Out of this World" We can live with that kind of praise.

Tom Anderson did have a little issue that needed a quick solution. There was no drum kit to be had. Luckily for him, the webmaster was on hand to find a suitable kit on the Costa and everyone could breathe a sigh of relief. The musicians that were recruited locally were of an excellent standard and Denise was able to enjoy the two night gig enormously. She and Tom were also able to spend a few more days relaxing in the sunshine. Before returning to the UK to begin work on a brand new project that is lined up for the forthcoming months.

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Nerja: Denise Nolan trae al Centro Cultural su 'Magia de Judy Garland'

El Centro Cultural Villa de Nerja acoge esta noche, a partir de las 21.00 horas, la segunda actuación de la cantante británica Denise Nolan, que ofrece un recital en el que realiza un homenaje a uno de sus ídolos, Judie Garland.

Nolan es la primera de una famosa saga de cantantes en hacer carrera en solitario y realiza espectáculos recordando las días dorados de Hollywood y las big bands. En este show rinde tributo a uno de sus ídolos, Judie Garland.

Denise Nolan, que ya actuó anoche en el Villa de Nerja, estará acompañada por una completa banda de siete músicos. La cantante británica interpretará las más conocidas canciones de la estrella del cine, como 'The Trolley Song', 'San Francisco', 'Swanee', 'The Man That Got Away' y 'Over The Rainbow'.

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