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Thank you for your letters, emails, telephone calls, and personal comments.
Some of the feedback received from you, the listeners can be seen below.

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From your emails

  • Paula, thank you so much for the delightful interview. It was really a pleasure to meet someone like you and walk away and feel proud to be an American. You brought to Spain, in my opinion, some of the best qualities of our culture,,, the drive and convictions of certain beliefs and rights in a respectful way.
    Thank you again... (signed Christopher Carnick)
  • From Tim Gardam, the Principle of St Anne's College, Oxford,
    after his visit to Nerja and the studio (more here..)

    "Very many thanks for such an enjoyable day in Nerja. It was a great
    treat to escape a cold and bleak Oxford and arrive to such good and
    lively company. I was most touched to be invited. I also very much
    enjoyed my encounter with your rather impressive radio station later!
    I do hope the association goes from strength to strength. It buzzed with
    life and ideas.
    Thanks again, (signed) Tim"
  • We have just returned from our annual three month winter stay in Nerja (not a holiday, alternative living!) and would like to thank you for your programmes. What a lovely start to the day listening to Geoff Cameron (definitely our kind of music) and then, of course, Ted Carey on a Sunday morning. I think we tried all the other 'English' radio stations, but always came back to RSA! Thanks, also, Geoff, for your wonderful jazz programme on a Wednesday evening - bliss!!
    Here's to the winter of 2008!

    Kind regards
    Marion and Les Hazell

Several testimonials about found animals:

  • From CAS: Thank you! Thank you! Thank You!!
    I asked you to broadcast information about the Alsatian bitch found near Torrox Pueblo & which had recently had puppies. She is HOME!! A spanish gentleman was listening to English radio, heard the announcement & knew it was the dog an English couple had taken from him to home. So...All is Well that Ends Well and a thousand thanks YET AGAIN to our English radio station!
    From Costa animal Society & Jane.
  • The saga of Rosie, the escaped dog:

    A dog whose owner has died was on her way to a foster home but jumped out of the car window! Lost between Chillar & Seco Rivers in Nerja. She is black, scruffy & medium sized. Answers to ROSE. Wearing blue collar with a chain lead attached. Please take her to Expedito the vet. This is urgent - poor doggy!

    Well, as of 5pm Tuesday, Rose is alive and well and being fed and hunted by all and sundry.
    SEPRONA (animal arm of the Guardia) The Guardia Civil, All the local residents of Frigiliana have joined in The Hunt!
    No-one can get close enough to grab the lead which she is still wearing. She was in Calle Real but now also goes to a bar where her owner, George, used to go with her. George, sadly is dead, and his distraught wife is in the UK with her son. Her other son is over here in Acebuchal (abandoned village near Cómpeta) with very, very poor telephone reception. So he is up and down to make & receive calls!

    In the absence of the England Rugby Team .......would all listeners get in touch with any ideas how we can "Catch Rosie!".....

    HOLD THE FRONT PAGE!!! 5:05pm ....ROSIE CAUGHT!!!!
    She went into the bar, saw Diane Stewart and went to her! Stand at Ease Frigiliana! Rosie is now going into Protective Custody (aka Foster Home) She has to serve her time before she can go to the UK. HOWEVER, if anyone wishes to give The Great Escapee a permanent home - under supervision until she realises what's happened - please call Wendy 660267 1984!!

  • I sent details yesterday morning to Ted about a Rottweiler, wearing a red harness that was running free neaar the motorway between Torrox & Nerja. Listeners came up trumps yet again & his German owner
    was able to catch him, take him home so "They all lived happily ever after!" Aaaah.
    Thanks to RSA and the listeners.

Other testimonials

  • Really like your style, informal and talking directly to the listener. And value Geoff’s input and Paula’s intellect and depth of topic knowledge which always takes an unusual or different slant on the familiar.

  • Your programme is like Radio 4 with music! A nice blend of real news, lighter articles about our health, and such a diverse range of music all nicely blended in one programme.

  • Your choice of music is incredible … who would have thought that one programme could mix so well the world of classical music, country, ballet, the musicals, contemporary, and of course the good old standards. And there is always something to make me laugh. But could I hear some more from the big band era?

  • Whilst some of your guests seem to talk down to us, most are very informative, knowledgeable on their subjects, and the chemistry between you both is worth listening to itself.

  • I am going away for three months but I just hope your programmes are waiting for me when I get back; I find them very inspiring and the music so easy to listen to.

  • You cover a lot on the complimentary health front which is always interesting but I would be good if some orthodox doctors could be asked for their views.

  • I like it when you give us information about events happening locally; could we have more please?

  • Have just ended a four week stay in Nerja, and must say thank you for your station. My husband and I have visited Nerja several times,and this is the first time that we have really enjoyed our little radio. It's so refreshing to hear other peoples opinions, even our BBC World Service seem to be "sanatizing" their programes these days.Many thanks again to you all.