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RSA, being free from the restraints of traditional commercial radio, can invite guests voices from the community that would not be heard without paying for advertising
RSA is regularly approached by individuals and organizations to participate and bring to the awareness of the public issues that are not ordinarily heard on commercial radio
RSA actively supports and promote local artists, musicians and writers, giving them special attention to discuss, perform and present their work and productions.

RSA is the radio that local dogs and other animals prefer to listen to. We know this because they tell us so, very often..

RSA live broadcasts provide immediate information exchange to the community for organi-zations and private individuals
RSA regularly broadcasts announcements for lost and found animals and property, event scheduling changes, venue changes, airport delays, breaking local and Spanish news and so on.
RSA features programming with music, and news, and information for multicultural listeners.
RSA has already experimented with multilingual segments in some programmes and we consider developing more as soon as possible.
RSA provides a platform for thought provoking interviews, discussions and topics.