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A survey carried out in 2004 in Andalucia showed clearly that RSA was the favourite radio station chosen by all dogs in the region: see photo report

They like the wide choice of music, the live interviews with local people who live and work here.They appreciate that it is a radio for the community, by the community.They like the fact that all dogs of all types, races, nationalities and all types of fur all welcome, and not only British ones who only like bones and chips; bones, gravy and chips; bones,eggs and chips; and bones on a plate like mother makes back home.

ther animals like RSA too, mainly those who have a sense of humour: see a sample below.

The horse pictured on the left likes the comedy moments in Vic's show.
His friend, the donkey says that he is always in a good humour when Dagmar is on.

This character told us how he wakes up happy every day, listening to Geoff's Daily supplement show.

There is a mongrel who always puts his headphones on to listen to classical music, from Paula's programme, or maybe Guido's or Gabi's shows.

We know a little youngster who never misses Mike Bond's Short Siesta show: he likes a bit of pop and more modern stuff: teenagers!

And how about the 3 cool guys who never miss Geoff Cameron's Treasury of Jazz, with his featured artist.

"Lend me your ear" says the little cat to the big dog, and let us listen to Norbert's Europe Café: he plays some very good music.

"Leave that cool cat alone" say the dogs: he is Dr.Dot's cat and goes to join her on her weekly RSA interview.

And what do you say about these 2 neighbours from the block who like to dance at the hot Latin Spice sounds of J.Mendez.

These two friends are happiest when they can listen in peace to Ted Carey's Sunday Lie In

One country dog keeps his boots on all the time when listening to Marti's Simply Folk, in the winter season.

This young one does not want to be disturbed at all whilst listening to Jean-Paul's world music: who can blame him?

Hercules can´t wait for the holiday season when Kat is back under the Nerja blue skies.

We have been told about this insomniac who keeps the radio on all day and night; and he does not like anybody touching it either.

Then there is the story of that dog who came to the studio with his mother, gave a brilliant piano recital, sang some good songs and then got in trouble with his mother, because she wants him to become a doctor, not a performer.

Our thanks to Blanco and Jasper for their contribution in compiling this survey and their invaluable help in making these testimonials available to us.

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