RSA offers several opportunities to promote your
business, commercial entity, services, products or activities.

 Whatever the choice, RSA does not offer air time as such but prefers to work in collaboration with people and companies who choose to
  sponsor RSA because they feel an affinity with the mission of the radio and the community it serves.
  • it can be in the form of general patronage or sponsorship itself;
  • messages can be transmitted several times per day;
  • there is a choice of sections, like after the news, the weather slot, the currency exchange, and more;
  • the agreement can cover a short period or several months.

 For available sponsorship opportunities, please use these contact details:

  • telephone: 95 252 20 44:- you can leave a message
  • or you can send an email to RSA


Benefits of sponsorship with RSA


1. RSA is a "go everywhere" medium. Our listeners are in their homes, cars, work, beach; RSA goes with people wherever they happen to be

2. RSA sponsorship puts you in the front of listener's minds and keeps you there, with its fresh approach to programming that attracts educated,
more affluent listeners.

3. RSA has limited sponsorship announcements meaning your message is not "lost in the crowd.

4. RSA reaches English, Spanish and German speaking listeners through its international and increasingly multilingual approach

5. RSA sponsors are seen as making a valuable contribution to the community.

6. RSA develops high quality and creative announcements adding refinement to your marketing message.

7. RSA is locally staffed and operated thereby raising your profile within the community.

8. RSA sponsorship raises your business profile by association with our quality programmes.

9. RSA is a production of ACSA, a non-profit organisation; so your sponsorshipis tax-deductible.